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Ryan Heidrich Opens an Internet Marketing Business Dedicated to the Increase of Health and Wealth

Ryan Heidrich Opens an Internet Marketing Business Dedicated to the Increase of Health and Wealth

The popularity of internet marketing is growing rapidly and thus it is becoming a necessary skill to grow independent businesses. Due to the great potential for many people to enjoy high levels of success marketing on the internet, this company is dedicating many resources to educating anyone about how to be a master internet marketer with a great team of marketing professionals. The sole proprietor of this company is Ryan Heidrich however he works with a team of affiliate professional marketers to sell the wealth masters international products.

Livermore, CA (PRWEB) May 31, 2009

A home based internet marketing business has been opened and offers lucrative opportunities with many successful people. The guy that did this several weeks ago is already enjoying success and the advantage of working with a great team of serious home business owners and enthusiasts under the CarbonCopyPro Marketing System. He was quoted saying, "My team has given me the most support I have ever had in learning a new skill." The skills of internet marketing are not very familiar to most people which is why he is excited about being in a position to help others achieve success marketing on the internet with this company.

After getting started as an affiliate marketer with CarbonCopyPro he learned that it is possible for anyone to work with others and enjoy tremendous levels of success increasing their financial freedom from their home offices. Many of the people he is working with are even replacing their incomes in their careers while working as a marketer from home part time. After a few weeks in the industry he said, "With the help of my team and my organization Internet marketing is both an easily understood skill and one of the best to learn in today's world where one must differentiate themselves from others to achieve a high level of financial security." Also, the way his organization of home based internet marketers works together with a truly unmatched compensation plan backing their efforts he was quoted to say that, "there is little risk for the viable opportunity to enjoy great financial and personal returns."

As explained, if you are interested in learning more, the people you will be working with and the network of business professionals you will have can catapult your knowledge of doing business on the internet to an entirely new level. The opening of independent ventures like those of Ryan Heidrich have given many people the option to learn the skill of internet marketing which will help with any business career or give anyone the option to get out of their old jobs. He feels that it is important for people to have this flexibility and power of knowledge these days because layoffs are becoming increasingly more abundant while internet marketing is becoming massively more popular as a method of doing business. If you would like more information about this great opportunity please click on the link to his website. Thank you for your time.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

DatamanUSA to Integrate Ceelox Biometric Solutions

DatamanUSA to Integrate Ceelox Biometric Solutions

Ceelox announced that DatamanUSA has become a Channel Sales Partner (CSP) for their biometric and encryption solutions.

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) September 8, 2008

Ceelox announced that DatamanUSA has become a Channel Sales Partner (CSP) for their biometric and encryption solutions. Since 2003, Ceelox creates software that makes biometric and data encryption security simple.

A Microsoft Gold Partner, DatamanUSA is a consulting and information systems service organization. They specialize in IT staff augmentation and software design and development. DatamanUSA expertise fits perfectly with Ceelox's products. They plan, design, construct and maintain mission-critical and operational systems for enterprise, client-server and Internet environments. This relationship is another significant step in DatamanUSA's effort to provide the very best in data protection.

"At DatamanUSA, we focus on developing real partnerships with our customers to create true value for all parties involved" - Nidhi Saxena, President & CEO

"This relationship is a great fit," says Gerry Euston, CEO of Ceelox. "Our CSP program drives partner opportunities and DatamanUSA is a great partner. Our Security Suite addresses the three most critical security needs; Identity Access Management, data and file encryption and email security," Euston says.

Ceelox offers a Security Suite of biometric tools designed to address the regulatory requirements of companies in highly regulated industries such as public utilities and financial services. The Suite meets FDIC, NERC, HIPAA, ePHI, GLBA and State Breach regulatory requirements by securing core access, encrypting Personal Identifiable Information and sensitive data, eliminating weak password access, securing e-mail and adding biometric for two-factor compliance.

Ceelox's Security Suite bundles Ceelox ID®, Ceelox Vault™, Ceelox SecureMail™ and Ceelox ID Online™ to provide a unique and powerful end-user and network security solution.

The corner stone of the Security Suite is their biometric solution, Ceelox ID®. Available as a stand alone and network application, or software development kit, Ceelox ID is a biometric Identity Access Management tool. It controls access to PCs, Web sites, applications and networks with the slide of a finger pad. It is affordable, easy to implement and works on PCs, LANs and Citrix server farms.

"Using biometrics to secure access to networks and encrypted folders and files is a great security improvement" said Euston. The Ceelox Security Suite:
 Protects sensitive data against theft, loss and misuse  Eliminates inherent password and token access exposure  Secures data with strongest encryption available  Protects PII  Save time and money - up to 40% reduction in helpdesk calls

Ceelox's CSP program builds incremental sales opportunities, generates additional revenue streams and creates greater profit potential for their partners. Plus, by joining the CSP program now, DatamanUSA participates in Ceelox's "Fast Start Initiative, Double Discount" offer. With an extra six months to reach their annual commitment and 50% off MSRP for the first 6 months, the Double Discount program will drive DatamanUSA's success.

"By supporting our partners in the near and long term, CSP builds a sustainable revenue stream for years to come," says Euston. "Our primary objective is to create and maintain partnerships for one reason - to increase their sales revenue earnings with the best overall profitability ratio."

About DatamanUSA
DatamanUSA, LLC is a minority women-owned, full-service Information Technology (IT) Service and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company with offices in Colorado, Wyoming, Texas and New Mexico & an offshore development centre in Lucknow, India. With over 8 years of experience in delivering IT solutions to state, local governments and Fortune 500 companies, DatamanUSA is presently executing projects in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and Utah.

8821 E Hampden Ave, Ste 214
Denver, CO 80231
Tel: (720)-248-3100
Fax: (888)-892-2364
Www. datamanusa. com

About Ceelox
Based in Tampa, Fla. Ceelox (www. ceelox. com), a Veteran Owned Small Business, is a privately-held developer of biometric security and email encryption software solutions for financial institutions, healthcare, utilities, government agencies and other organizations for whom information and access security are key concerns. Its security and encryption tools are easy to deploy, simple to use, cost-effective and affordable for organizations of all sizes.

13976 Lynmar Boulevard
Tampa, FL 33626
Toll Free 888-769-0918
Phone 813-769-0918
Fax 813-769-0919
Www. ceelox. com


Fruits to Remember Introduces the Largest Collection of Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Fruit Bouquets

Fruits to Remember Introduces the Largest Collection of Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Fruit Bouquets

Fruits to Remember, the premier design house for luxury hand sculpted fresh fruit bouquets and chocolate fruit arrangements, is now offering its arrangements with six different chocolate flavors combined with three toppings, making it the greatest combination available across the gifting industry.

Beverly Hills, California (PRWEB) February 11, 2008

Fruits to Remember (http://www. fruitstoremember. com) of Beverly Hills announced today that the luxury fruit bouquets (http://www. fruitstoremember. com) and chocolate fruit arrangements (http://www. fruitstoremember. com) of the design house are now available with chocolates with six different flavors. Offered for the first time in the luxury gift market, clients can now choose from six ambrosial flavors of semi-sweet, white, milk, strawberry, caramel and cappuccino and top them off with ground hazelnut, sliced almonds or grated coconut toppings. Valrhona and Callebaut chocolates offered by Fruits to Remember, singled out among scores of chocolate brands tried during the selection process, are two of the best known French and Belgian chocolates known to the most demanding chocolate lovers in the world.

During the years of its presence in Beverly Hills, Fruits to Remember has served clients from multifarious sectors and industries including entertainment, financial, banking, legal, health care, medical and education in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Century City and down town Los Angeles offering luxury hand sculpted fresh fruit bouquets and chocolate fruit arrangements, customized to the clientele's needs. In particular, "A" list celebrities who received fruit and chocolate arrangements on their achievements from their peers and fans or had them delivered to their private jets were among the strong patrons of Fruits to Remember. This led to an unprecedented volume of orders from companies in Fashion, Music and Film industries during the 2008 New Year holidays.

Fruits to Remember has also been a benefactor in many fund raiser and charity events held by non-profit organizations like "Kenny G Concert help by the Eye Defect Foundation of Cedars Sainai Hospital", Beverly Hills Police Department Fund Raiser", "Lisa Gibbon's Place for Alzheimer Disease", "Alfred Mann Foundation events", "Maternal Fetal Care International events", The Maple Counseling Center Fundraiser", "People Assisting the Homeless" and many others.

The fruits and chocolate bouquets (http://www. fruitstoremember. com) have been featured in scores of events like "Asian Excellence Awards Gifting Lounge", "BET Awards Gifting Lounge", "Century City Citizen of the Year Ceremony", "Beverly Hills Golf Tournament" and "Producers Guild of America Annual Meeting". Fruits to Remember's presentation at "Wedding in the Grand Tradition" where centerpieces were designed for wedding receptions was reported on "Good Day LA" show broadcasted by FOX 11. Also, NBC chose Fruits to Remember to create a fruit display for "LIFE Series Premier" in which L I F E logo was created out of fruits. The advertising campaign includes ads in "LA Confidential", "Angeleno", "Genlux", "Haute Living", "Space, "Venice", "Beverly Hills 90210", "Bel-Air View", "Brentwood News", "Santa Monica Sun", "Palisades 90292", "Century City News" and "Malibu Beach" magazines and online services like Google, Yahoo, and Facebook.

Started in 2004 with the idea of offering a healthy and yet ambrosially tasted alternative to the high end gift industry market, the company has delivered thousands of fruit bouquets and fruit arrangements all over greater Los Angeles area and Orange County served as personal and corporate gifts, centerpieces for events as well as platters for casual meetings and get together occasions.


WorldRefer. com Announces Launching of 724Speed. com, a Leading-edge Internet Source in Aircraft Photography

WorldRefer. com Announces Launching of 724Speed. com, a Leading-edge Internet Source in Aircraft Photography

As usual, WorldRefer. com is on the lookout for new trends, areas of interest, and niche markets which have a strong demand and little coverage.

San José, Costa Rica (PRWEB) October 31, 2006

WorldRefer. com (http://www. worldrefer. com), an Affiliate Network, recruits and supports Affiliates for several mainstream industries from gaming to aviation. WorldRefer. com is an outsource affiliate marketing program which provides real time tracking technology.

WorldRefer. com's own CEO and chameleonic leader, Mr. Melvin Pereira, has managed once again to fusion one of his passions with his daily work. This is how WorldRefer. com has launched 724speed. com (http://www.724speed. com), a new community dedicated solely to the Aviation Fanatics.

724speed. com holds a vast selection of aircraft photography from every corner around the globe. Pictures are uploaded by "Spotters," a term used to describe these amateur and not so amateur photographers, who manage to be at the right place and at the right time. 724speed. com is an open place for all aircraft enthusiasts in which they can build a healthy community through 724speed. com's forum.

Mr. Pereira has stated, "The need for a new aviation site from enthusiasts and spotters around the globe, motivated me to bring together one of my favorite hobbies with an area of my job which happens to be one of my forte: websites development. This is why even though 724speed. com is new to the aviation photography niche, the users will be able to experience first hand the time and dedication we have put into 724speed. com".

WorldRefer. com proudly stands behind 724speed. com which was founded in September 2006. 724speed. com's intention is not to compete with the already popular aviation websites, but rather create a different perspective for all aviation fans worldwide.

WorldRefer. com's affiliate network will highly benefit from the addition of our new partner, 724speed. com. Webmasters seeking to increase income and expand in their business adventure will certainly see the potential of joining WorldRefer. com's affiliate network.


WorldRefer. com (http://www. worldrefer. com) started out as a gaming Affiliate Network and has recently transitioned into other markets as well. WorldRefer. com is committed to providing the most advanced tools and reliable support necessary for webmasters to earn the highest possible return of their investment. WorldRefer. com's Affiliate Management system is one of the most technologically advanced online.

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Tribal Salute Reversing Manifest Destiny

Tribal Salute Reversing Manifest Destiny

"Thanks for keeping the Rockies pristine," says Governor Owens.

Denver, CO (PRWEB) November 8, 2004

"Denver's launch of the 'Salute to America's First Caretakers' at Colorado's SnowSports Expo just might be another reversal of Manifest Destiny," beamed Olympic skier Suzy Chaffee at the Convention Center event on November 6. Two years ago, the New York Times wrote that the "Indian-led return of the buffalo to the Great Plains is resurrecting their ghost towns... and reversing Manifest Destiny."

Thanks to "snow farmers" thoughtfully sharing skiing and snowboarding with their tribes in 14 states, led by Colorado ski areas and the Ute Nation, many tribes were "thrilled" and are sharing their snow ceremonies and sustainable wisdom, which has resulted in amazing early economy-lifting snowblessings -- starting with Vail asking the Utes to save their opening in the '60s. Also hoping the tribes can help them "Keep Winters Cool," ski shows (in Seattle, Sacramento and LA), and over 100 ski areas across America want to follow in Colorado's moccasins...

At the Expo, Governor Owens thanked "the Utes, as well as the diverse Denver Indians, for keeping the Rockies pristine for thousands of years." He also brought attention to Aspen's World Watch Conference that called American Indian Nations "models of sustainability" for preserving a National Seed Bank, the Pacific Northwest Tribes for restoring the fish, and Secretary of Interior Gail Norton's saying that, "Frankly, the reservation forests are in much better shape than those on public lands, and the tribes need those jobs." Plus, Lakota-Sioux Wind Farms will soon energize Aspen. Karen Wilde Rogers (Creek), director of Colorado's Commission on Indian Affairs, spoke on behalf of the Governor.

Karen also conveyed that Lt. Governor Jane Norton congratulated the "ski communities and Olympians for partnering with the tribes to help ensure that future generations will have a chance to enjoy our magnificent mountains."

The Salute was announced at Athens, where world Olympians honored American Indians for inventing the roots of 10 Olympic sports. "They also honored the Sami (Laplanders) for inventing skiing 5,000 years ago," said Olympian Billy Kidd (VT Abenaki), co-host of the Salute with teammate Chaffee, NVF co-founder.

10 skiers from Denver's splendid "Seven Falls Dance Group" shared the snowdance to benefit all the People of Colorado, led by Boulder-based sustainability leader, Woody Vaspra (Hawaiian), President of the World Council of Elders. For health reasons, Southern Ute traditional Elders Eddy and Betty Box, Jr., supported by young sundancers, participated in a simultaneous pipe ceremony in a sweat lodge in Durango, to thank Creator for the snow. Eddy Box, Jr.'s dad (Red Ute), was Vail's hero, and Junior humbly continues that tradition "to create more harmony between our cultures and Mother Earth."

A Salute highlight was the entrance of a speed skier in a shiny fire engine red suit with streamlined helmet, followed by a white sherpa carrying his 8-foot skis. "Who is that masked man?" asked Steamboat's Billy Kidd.

"My name is Stew Young of the Tulalip, Killer Whale Tribe of Washington." At 50, Stew is going back on the World Cup Tour after being the "Fastest Veteran in the US, 3rd in the world in 1998," hoping to beat his unofficial 143-mph record.

"Soon Billy Kidd was joined by Olympic Gold Medal Freestyler Johnny Mosley and Aspen's Gold Medal Snowboarder Chris Klug, all wanting to ski with Stew," said Chaffee, "if he would take it easy on them."

For "going Indian" and wanting to help coach Native American youth, Chaffee and Cherokee artist Colleen Lloyd presented the beloved champions with Native "Homeland Security" T-shirts: a picture of Geronimo and his Apache warriors that says, "Fighting Terrorism since 1492." Besides Indian humor, it's called, "the hottest T-shirt in America," since "More American Indians have been protecting our country and have won more medals of honor than any other race per capita," according to Gen. Schwarzkopf, who helped NVF launch the Telluride ski program.

For making the Salute possible, Chaffee thanked the event sponsors: Denver's Peak Bank, Crystal Springs Golf Club/Spa, Westwind TPTs Shirts, NUTIVA, SweetLeaf Stevia (discovered by Brazilian tribes to prevent diabetes/obesity), and each of the 10 participating Colorado Ski Areas. 

Contact: suzynativevoices@aol. com, or tel: 970-4040687, 970-922-5406 - photos of the event are also available. Photos and more info available on www. nativevoices. org.

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Green Home Partners Unveil 'Live Green Chicago' and Other Fall Programs

Green Home Partners Unveil 'Live Green Chicago' and Other Fall Programs

Green Home Partners, Northeast Illinois’ first and only real estate group dedicated to the green home market, announce their schedule of fall programs designed to help educate consumers about why green, what’s green, and where’s green in Chicago. Up to 11 green home developments will be showcased during the 'Live Green Chicago' event happening October 12.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) September 26, 2006

Green Home Partners, Northeast Illinois’ first and only real estate group dedicated to the green home market, announce their schedule of fall programs designed to help educate consumers about why green, what’s green, and where’s green in Chicago.

“Many people in Chicago have heard about green homes,” says Kirk Fox, Illinois’ first certified EcoBroker and one of three Green Home Partners, “but they aren’t always sure what that means or where they can find them. By attending these sessions, consumers will have a much better understanding of the benefits of owning a green home, the features that make them green, and where they can find one in the Chicagoland area.”

The fall program begins with a seminar entitled “What Makes a Home Green?” presented at the Historic Chicago Bungalow & Green Home Expo, Saturday September 30 at the Merchandise Mart, beginning at 10:15 AM. This seminar talks about the characteristics that differentiate a green home from a conventional home and the benefits of owning one. A follow-up session entitled “Is Your Home Green?” given at Whole Foods Market, 3300 N. Ashland Ave beginning at 6:30 PM on October 3, discusses specific ways homeowners can make their current homes greener and healthier. The highlight of the fall program is Live Green Chicago, a social and educational event designed to allow consumers to meet face-to-face with Chicago’s premier green home architects and developers while enjoying drinks and live music in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. It takes place at 6 PM October 12, at the Funky Buddha Lounge, 728 W. Grand Ave.

“Although Chicago leads the country in building green roofs,” says Hans Fedderke, the only LEED-AP realtor in Chicago and another member of Green Home Partners, “the supply of green homes in Chicago lags what is being built in places like Portland, Denver, and Austin. An event like Live Green Chicago can help change that by bringing together, for the first time, those consumers who are serious about owning a green home with suppliers of green homes so they can gauge first-hand the latent demand that exists for this type of housing in Northeastern Illinois.”

At the heart of Live Green Chicago is the annual Gallery of Green Homes—a showcase of Chicago’s most cutting-edge green home developments. “We know of approximately 458 green homes and $157 million of green home development either under development or actively seeking financing in Northeastern Illinois and Northwestern Indiana,” says Mark Ahlheim, the third member of Green Home Partners, “and we anticipate that backlog of green homes to grow dramatically over the next few years.” Up to eleven green home developments will be represented at Live Green Chicago.

Green Home Partners strives to educate consumers about the benefits of living green; to help consumers find the architects, builders, and bankers in Chicago who are most adept at designing, building, and financing green; to develop Chicago’s most architecturally interesting, most energy-efficient, and healthiest niche-market green homes; and to set the standard of excellence in marketing green homes across Northeastern Illinois. Kirk, Hans, and Mark work as realtors for Prudential Preferred Properties and have worked together as Green Home Partners since March, 2006. All events are free to the general public, although seating is limited at each venue.


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Award Winning Luxurious Australian Beach House

Award Winning Luxurious Australian Beach House

Ever dreamt of long stretches of beaches, the vastness of the sea, the microcosm of a shell collection? Ever dreamt of big verandas and wicker furniture, bonfires and beach picnics, living in the great outdoors again? A house by the beach offers a refuge, a place where time moves according to NatureÂ’s rhythms, and the view is as big as the Pacific Ocean. Here is your opportunity to make your dream come true. Cocas Beach House has just been released for sale.

(PRWEB) April 27, 2004

Cocas Beach House reveals a mastery of design in volume, line and light. The external edges and lines soften as one experiences the space, while the white and neutral tones of the interior allows the mind to feel at peace.

The luxurious simplicity of Cocas Beach House seems to underscore the sensual pleasures afforded by its proximity to the ocean.

The inside and outside merge when the large sliding and hinged doors open on to tropical gardens and expansive balconies, giving the house an ephemeral, airy feeling welcoming in the ocean breezes whilst itÂ’s rooms are washed by the bright sun.

Aspected to the East North East, Cocas Beach House captures the best of one of Coffs HarbourÂ’s charms, the fact that gentle summer temperatures seem to have settled here permanently.

Personal comfort and pleasure is the theme of Cocas Beach House, along with appropriate attention to a glorious location.

The house is built over 2 levels with a 385sqm floor area, including 115sqm of front and rear tropical balconies with beach and island views.

The lower level includes open plan kitchen/living/entertaining with suspended white terrazzo kitchen benches and stainless appliances. There is a separate large walk-in pantry. The living/entertaining area opens onto the private tropical rear garden and courtyard.

The main bathroom features a 2.1m x 1m white terrazzo Turkish style bath set in an atrium of frosted floor to ceiling louvered windows. The lower level also includes, an office with itÂ’s own entrance, 2 bedrooms each opening on to landscaped gardens, separate laundry, a large storage room, a double remote garage with additional off street parking for 2 vehicles.

The upper level features a master bedroom with en-suite and walk-in robe. The Master bedroom opens onto the 110sqm of front balcony and with views to the ocean and one of the Solitary Islands.

Additionally there is a one bedroom unit with sleeping loft – designed to be incorporated as part of the main house or used as separate accommodation. The unit has a generous living and entertaining area opening on to the front balcony, a galley kitchen and an en-suite with a standard size bath. The bedroom has it’s own private rear balcony overlooking the tropical gardens and courtyard.

Currently operating as a luxury holiday beach house - Cocas Beach House has just been listed for AUD $1,100,000.00.

House built - 2003

House area - 385sqm

Land size – 695.6sqm

Zoning – Medium Density

Rates - $1,980 per annum

Views - Ocean and Solitary Island

100m to beach

CONTACT - homesbydesign@hotmail. com


10 reasons why Coffs Harbour is the most fantastic part of NSW

·positioned on the East Coast of Australia approximately half way between Sydney and Brisbane

·voted the ‘most livable city 2002’ a United Nations endorsed international environment program and voted the best climate in Australia by the CSIRO. Average summer temperature of 260 and winter temperature of 180. Average rainfall of 1708mm. Verdant sub-tropical coastline vegetation where the mountains meet the sea

·Airport with $69 airfares to and from Sydney

·brand new hospital


·2 TAFE colleges

·numerous public and private primary and secondary colleges

·regional galleries, museums, theatres, numerous recreational activities, a vast selection of specialty shops, major brand stores and malls

·marine harbour with current development plans incorporating extensive foreshore redevelopment and an international marine harbour

Coffs Harbour embraces an area of 960km2 of which 57% is covered by forests. It has 51km of beaches. There is an additional 3600ha in Dorrigo National Park and next-door to the North, the Yuragir National Park stretches for 60km along the coastline up to Angourie near Yamba.

In the Pacific Ocean is the 90,000ha Solitary Island Marine Park – last of the warm water and home to both warm (80%) and temperate (20%) marine life varieties. There are 90 species of hard coral and 280 species of fish, all protected in the haven of Marine Park Sanctuary.

Population: Coffs Harbour is the 28th largest city in Australia and growing at an average of 3.5% per annum. Currently around 65,000 people, it is expected to double in the next 25 years at this rate. Growth rate for many small businesses within Coffs Harbour has been 7% for several years in a row! Coffs has a sphere of influence, which cover from the Clarence to the Nambucca Valleys - about 130,000 people!

Tourism: During the late 80's and early 90's a number of major tourist resorts were

Developed in this area. Equal to anywhere in the world, these properties brought Coffs Harbour to the attention of overseas visitors. In 1999 Tourism generated $400 million being 1.5 million visitors who stayed an average of 3 nights. Almost 40% of these arrive between December & March. Pacific Bay is currently the home of the Wallabies Rugby Union Team.

Education: There are 9 pre-schools, 22 primary schools, 7 secondary schools, TAFE Colleges (2) + Southern Cross University - Southern Cross is a joint campus which is a country wide first! The university, TAFE College and the Senior High School share the central facilities. This has the makings of a landmark institution, which is bringing Coffs Harbour worldwide attention. There are other campuses of Southern Cross in Port Macquarie, Lismore and Coolangatta.

The Marine Science Centre is the National facility for students & post grads to study our unique location.

Health: the brand new Coffs Harbour Health Campus (Base Hospital) was opened in late 2002. Baringa Private Hospital offers the alternative for those who contribute and there 3 nursing homes, 2 hostels and several age specific housing developments in the area.

Airport: Coffs Harbour enjoys a jet airport located only 5 minutes from the City Centre and right next door to the Joint Education Facility and the Racecourse.

Coffs' first international flight took place in August, 1993. This was a special flight from New Zealand set up to show the practicality of direct flights to Coffs as the

Gateway into this part of NSW. It is converted to 767 standard. Currently 737 are used to move larger numbers of people like the Wallabies and conference

Groups. Saab 340, BAE 146, Boeing Dash 8 and 737 aircraft fly the Coffs-Sydney run (REX & Qantas & Virgin Blue) The terminal size was doubled in September 2000. It has been said that Maroochydore & Coffs Harbour are the best airports in the country!

Sport: Coffs Harbour International Stadium Stage 1 has been completed of this large open air venue. Eventually to seat 15,000 people, the first grandstand is now complete and ACB, ARL, ARU, NSL & AFL games have already taken place.

There are numerous 9 and 18 hole Golf Courses to choose from including the Bonville International Golf Course.

Agriculture: There are both exotic and organic products grown for the local, national and international markets.

Horticulture and Fishing: Historically, Coffs Harbour was based on these industries. Today, these people are developing and changing to meet the challenges of the new century. Many have diversified into Scuba Diving or Deep Sea Fishing operators.


Coffs Harbour house prices have seen a capital growth of 33.3% over the last 12 months. It is ranked #28 in the entire state of NSW – based on house value growth in 2003. The predicted annual increase over the next 3 years is 2%+. (Sunday Telegraph, Property Guide Feb 15, 2004).

Ocean view and water frontage properties are still considered a steal with beachside property prices that are increasingly rare in the property market.

The township of Woolgoolga (5 minutes North of Emerald Beach) has been tipped as the ‘next big thing’ (HomeOwner – Sunday Telegraph – Jan 18, 2004).

Celebrities who call Coffs Harbour home – David Helfgott, Jack Thompson, Russell Crowe, George Negus, Wendy Matthews, and Jo-Beth Taylor have without doubt put Coffs Harbour well and truly on the national and international map.


The village of Emerald Beach is located 15 minutes north of Coffs Harbour (20 minutes North of the airport), 5 minutes South of Woolgoolga. The beach is a safe swimming and surfing beach with a protected North Easterly aspect. During the peak holiday periods the beach is patrolled.

Bordered to the North and South by Nature Reserve and the pristine waters of the world renowned Solitary Island Marine Park, it is a fauna, flora and marine paradise.

There is regular bus transport to local schools, universities, TAFE colleges, hospitals and shopping centres both in Coffs Harbour and Woolgoolga.

The current population of Emerald Beach is approximately 1,700.

Emerald Beach has a General Store, Video Shop, Hair Salon, Bottle Shop, Organic Fruit and Veg Store and Restaurant.